Disposable cameras are overlooked.

I started using disposable cameras again because I noticed a friend of mine using one. She would bring them to festivals, nights out on the town, (yes she would carry it in her clutch), she carried it along pretty much everywhere. How fun! I thought. Taking pictures with no idea of the outcome.

That’s the itch I have with social media. Everything is becoming too edited and filtered and planned. Instagram, and all other media platforms are supposed be personal to you. And what could be more personal than taking a picture that’s in the moment!

I first tried a disposable camera a year ago for NYE. I brought the camera hoping it would make the night less about taking good pictures, and more about enjoying the night and company. I snapped pictures during moments where no one prepared for them, and guess what..they turned out great!

I recently just developed pictures from the disposable camera I took on my Europe trip 7 months ago. A whole new level of nostalgia was instilled upon me. I remember my Europe trip of course. I remember all the moments that should be remembered, but not everything.. The picture that stands out the most for me is the dark and faded picture bottom left of the 4 I shared below. Looking at that picture, I remember where I was, what I was thinking, what song I was listening to, what I was writing down in my journal, and why I think the way I do now. That moment captured in the picture is personal. It is a moment I would never have looked back upon if I didn’t spontaneously take that picture.

I overall find so much more beauty and depth in my disposable camera pictures than my iphone and edited ones. They are more personal..they reflect my life more. Pictures are supposed to be reflective…not for show.. and not for likes.img_7401


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