My year in review

2016, you will be a year I look back on with the biggest and most childish smile.

This year I found peace and happiness within the little, but important things. The smile of a stranger in a foreign country. The never-ending sleep and the amazing view you get when you travel. The music, light breeze, and sunset by the beach. The many friends made from around the world who each taught me something. Wandering alone in Central Park learning how to enjoy nothing but my own company. The laughs and talks you have with your buddies sitting on the floor of a sun salutation, talking about the future and how lucky we are to have done the things we’ve done.

Alfred Hitchcock once stated that Zadar has the best sunset in the world, but I remember Zadar for those little things..Reminiscing with friends and making plans for the years to come. Life is what you make it, so plan big and make it happen I always say!

That being said, I hold nothing but big plans for 2017. For years now, I have pursed the goal of becoming a teacher, and I realized that dream of mine when I was volunteering abroad in Thailand back in 2014. While there are moments where it may seem the world is getting worse and worse environmentally, I find it getting better humanly. Let me explain.

What a time it is for us future educators and everyone in general to be alive. We have the opportunity to travel across the world and not only interact, but teach and become one with other cultures. Every year I learn more and more from the children and adolescents of our generation, I can only hope to return the favour. To teach them what I know..right down to those little things. πŸ’™


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