“Here’s a compass not a map. Don’t get too comfortable with any path. Your job is to find direction, not route..” -Jedidiah Jenkins

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a man by the name of Jedidiah Jenkins. I strongly suggest you take a look at his work. A phenomenal writer, but also a life enthusiast-something we need more of.

It is so easy to become “used” to routine, to the point where we think routine is the right and most convenient way to live. But Jedidiah demonstrates, (through the short clip in the link below) how life is not meant for that, and how we shouldn’t be afraid of changes, but structure.

It is eye opening because lets face it. How many people shake with fear from the thought of change? The unknown? It doesn’t have to be a societal norm to need and stick to a certain path. In fact, that’s not how it should be at all.


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