But where is there to hike in Winterpeg?

Manitoba is well-known for the prairies, for being flat. My friends and I have realized that it is possible to find good hikes here, you just have to look for them. Especially when Winnipeg goes from -40 to -8, it is wise to take advantage of the weather and explore the outdoors.

This weekend, my friend and I took her dog and headed out to Whiteshell Provincial Park. Whiteshell is just over an hour and a half drive. (Therefore a very convenient and manageable day trip).

First, we hiked the White Pine trial. This 2.8 km trail winds down to the Whiteshell River and loops back. This area isΒ  between 2 major forest regions – the Boreal Forest and the Great Lakes / Saint Lawrence Forest. It takes about 2 hours and good for novice hikers. Here, Levi had much room to run as this trial was accompanied by spacious snow-covered fields.

Next, we headed to Pine Point Rapids. We originally headed here for a 1-3 event/guided hike. This hike provided free snowshoes, and hot chocolate towards the end of the hike! The event is recommended for families and anyone wanting to ski and make use of winter attire. This hike is a little bit harder due to the snow holes and elevation, but still very doable for beginners. My friend and I decided to go alone to go at our own pace, and prevent having Levi on a leash. This hike had beautiful pine and birch trees surrounding us constantly.

Our last hike was near Jessica lake, and we hiked Loop B. This was the shortest hike we did. This trial had a lookout point overlooking the tips of the surrounding trees. There were also glacier covered rocks that towered over us as we walked. All these trials are well distinguished, making it hard to possibly get lost. You can also go online and find maps of all the trials, which include dotted paths representing the trials, (how long they are and where along the road they may be). We covered these 3 trials within 6 hours, and made it home for supper time.


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