Know Your Worth: A Meditation

“Everyone wants a strong woman..until she actually stands up. Suddenly, she is too much.”- Ari Beastman

Whenever I begin to doubt myself, or start to view my existence as a liability as opposed to being beautifully wild-I turn to this meditation.


  1. Sit or lie comfortably, with your eyes closed. Take a deep breath and exhale. Do this a few more times. After you find yourself relaxed, mentally count down from seven to one, relaxing more with each count.
  2. Β On the count of one, find yourself in your safe place. Feel the beauty, love, and enhancement of this place.
  3. Invite your higher self to join you. Sit together, and talk about how you wish to reclaim your self-worth. (I sometimes discuss why I think I lost it in the first place). When you are finished, invite your inner child (the one who hid your self-worth in order to protect it) to come and sit with you and your higher self.
  4. Comfort your inner child. Love them. Ask them to show you the secret place they hid your self-worth. Reassure your inner child that you will care for and cherish your self-worth. When the child is reassured, they lead you to the spot.
  5. In time, you arrive at an entrance, maybe it is a wall, a hedge, an open field. On the other side of this entrance you come across a secret garden. Enter the garden and explore. Feel the magic and smell the fragrances. Hear the sounds and marvel in the beauty. Your inner child then takes you to a secret hiding place-maybe in a cave, in a high tree or beneath the waters of a pool.
  6. Your inner child then reaches in the hiding place and brings forth a dazzling, luminescent orb of white light. This is your self-worth, hidden and safe. You take the light and give it to your higher self, who then places it in your heart, as well as your inner child’s. Feel the light, the love, the joy flowing within you.
  7. Embrace your inner child. Let the magic happen. Now, close your mental eyes and mentally count from one to five. On the count of five, open your physical eyes and return, whole and valued.

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