Almond milk: The stomach and heart filler

This is one of my favourite things to eat for breakfast when I need to feel full and satisfied! It takes 8 minutes to make, is healthy, has minimal ingredients, and leaves you feeling as though you do not need to eat for awhileeee!


Take one apple, (preferably green as the sweetness of this meal comes from the apple) and chop it up into tiny pieces. Place the pieces in a pan with a 1/4 cup of water. Cook on medium.

Add cinnamon (as much as desired) to the apples and cook until the apple bits are soft.

Add 1/3 cup of rolled oats, followed by 1/3 cup of water. Mix the oats and apple together, and place a lid on top. Cook for another 5 minutes.

When the oats are ready, remove and put into a bowl. Add almond milk and viola!

I also sometimes add peanut butter for a little extra taste and protein. (And maybe just because I’m a peanut butter addict).

Furthermore, If you are a coffee lover wanting to either cut back, or find an alternative coffee fix. I tried almond milk with red rose tea one day, and I must say….it was pretty damn good! Good enough to replace my morning coffee every once in awhile. Not only is almond milk vegan, but it’s healthier and tastes better!



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