Mourne Mountais & Mind Over Matter

I recently just came back from another Europe trip, where Dublin, Ireland was my first destination.

Within 24 hours of my arrival, I had all my money, VISAS and my passport stolen. I had absolutely nothing, and yet still had my whole trip ahead of me. I had to stay an extra day in Dublin as a result for waiting for my temporary passport. Though stressful, in the heat of all this I met some amazing people. One, who suggested I go on a hike with him alongside some friends.

We drove two hours outside of the city of Dublin, until we were in Northern UK. The hike was called Mourne Mountais. (Also called the Mournes or Mountains of Mourne). It is located in the south-east of Northern Ireland which includes the highest mountain in the area! The highest being 850 m (2,790 ft).

The hike took about 6 hours, and included many breathtaking views. From secluded trees to cobblestone walls, mountain top views and river streams…I couldn’t help but think I would not have seen all of this if I had not had everything stolen from me. I never would have never thought to visit the area of Newcastle UK.

I continued on with my trip where I met many more people, who after hearing my story said to me, “Why would you still want to travel if this stuff happens to you?”

“If you don’t travel, you start to believe that the world is what you’ve seen. That the neighborhood gossip could tear you apart. That the seasons are a certain way and always will be. That this career is the only one. That destiny is hard and linear. But when you travel, when you shake the shackles and take a look, you see the billion ways the world shows her face and bares her skin, and something opens up. You see that the way you live is not the only way to live. The world as you see it could look much different. What you believe is not the only thing to believe. What you have or don’t have is not the only having. When you travel, you become humble. You are not a god. The world has many faces. You have many paths.”Jedidiah Jenkins

So yes, this horrible thing happened to me, but I realized that for every cold-hearted person in the world, there are about a million amazing ones! How your life turns out depends on how you’re willing to look at it. Experiences > material items… I had the time of my life because of the experience and people, not because of the items I had on me.

IMG_0222Mount8Mount4Mount3Mount 7Mount 6




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