Mykonos: A home away from home

“Kalimera (ΚΑΛΙΜΕΡΑ)”. Something I hear everyday here. A genuine smile and the confident utterance of the simplest and most common phrase in a person’s language can endear you to them immediately. This simple ‘hello’ became the initiator of some amazing friendships and connections in a foreign country that quickly became home in my heart.  Mykonos can … More Mykonos: A home away from home

Know Your Worth: A Meditation

“Everyone wants a strong woman..until she actually stands up. Suddenly, she is too much.”- Ari Beastman Whenever I begin to doubt myself, or start to view my existence as a liability as opposed to being beautifully wild-I turn to this meditation. —————————————————————— Sit or lie comfortably, with your eyes closed. Take a deep breath and … More Know Your Worth: A Meditation